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Your Guide to Brazilian Wax for Men

You've probably heard of Brazilian men's waxing or the bikini waxing technique that originated in the South American nation known for its great jazz, fabulous beaches, soccer star Pele and Amazon rainforests. But have you heard of the Boyzilian ?

This is the male equivalent, and it's available at a spa near you. You may seek it out for a number of reasons: some prefer the look and feel for themselves, others do it for the pleasure of their partners, and still others may choose to get waxed for special occasions, work reasons or a trip to Copacabana. beaches.

Truth be told, I was nervous about getting one and initially reluctant. I've never been too concerned about having hair south of the border, and I didn't know if I would like the look. I was also afraid of the potential for pain, both during the treatment and after. And what about ingrown hairs in the days after, or maintenance as the hair grows?

photo of Copacabana in Brazil

Such were the questions that were racing through my head as an Uber headed to the Federico Salon and Spa near Central Park South in Manhattan, on a mission to see the J Sisters for my very first Boyzilian. Nonetheless, I gathered my courage and, all in all, the experience was great. The staff made me feel comfortable, almost to the point of forgetting what was about to happen. Read on to find out all the pro tips for preparing for and receiving a Boyzilian wax treatment.

Meet the expert

  • Lulu is a licensed esthetician and member of the Sisters J Brazilian spa team at Federico Salon and Spa in New York.
  • Enrique Ramirez is a licensed esthetician and owner of Face to face in New York and Los Angeles.

Benefits of Boyzilian Wax

Since waxing is mainly a cosmetic choice based on individual preferences, the benefits are largely aesthetic and perhaps even psychological. "Men consider having this service performed primarily for hygiene purposes. It's extremely clean," says Lulu of J Sisters. "Also for beauty: men today want to feel confident." Enrico Ramirez, a licensed esthetician and owner of Face to Face Day Spa, focuses on the sex appeal that could be gained from the experience. In his opinion, the Boyzilian is "good for anyone who wants to feel sexy and vigorous".

According to Lulu, Brazilian for men became popular "because men realized they wanted to feel clean too." She explains that hair services were highly segregated by gender until the 1990s, when men and women began to have more similar goals and service preferences. . Today, the Brazilian is just one example of a previously gendered treatment that everyone can now enjoy. "It's not a service perceived with the stigma of being female," she says. "Instead, people see it as a basic clean and hygienic service."

While the reasons why a person may benefit from Boyzilian treatment may vary, some of the main benefits are as follows:

  • Smoothes the skin
  • Accentuates her private parts
  • Can increase the ease of cleaning and moisturizing the skin
  • Refreshes the area in summer

How to prepare for a Brazilian wax treatment for men

In general, our experts tell us that minimal preparation is required before treatment, but if you normally shave the area to be depilated, you must wait until it there is enough regrowth. According to Lulu, three weeks is the recommended minimum. "If the hair is too short, waxing may not be able to grab the hair and pull from the root," she says. "This can lead to unnecessary irritation. The hair needs to be the right length to wax.

You should also make sure you've done your best to remove any oils, lotions or creams from the areas to be waxed, as this can sometimes interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment. "Before waxing, try to remove any lotions. If the client doesn't have the opportunity to do this before they arrive, we can remove lotions, creams and debris with a wax prep product like Pinkini (a product available at spas)," Lulu says. Ramirez, meanwhile, suggests a simpler approach: "Just make sure you're showered and cleaned."

It all sounds pretty straightforward, although Ramirez says that people using Retin-A or Accutane may have skin that is too sensitive for the treatment. If you are taking these medications or have increased sensitivity due to another cause, consider consulting a professional to see what they would recommend.

What to expect during a Boyzilian wax treatment

First, it is important to communicate exactly which parts of the your body you want to remove hair, as this will help you choose the right treatment option. "We have our own terminology. We call it 'South of the Border' when it comes to pubic hair, shaft and balls, or 'Backdoor Treatment' when it comes to the buttocks and around the anus," Ramirez explains. "Every salon has a gimmick. Just make sure you're clear on what you want. We're not here to judge; we're here to enhance your own beauty.

When I arrived for my treatment, I undressed, lay on the procedure table and waited for instructions from the staff on how to position my body, choosing one of several options. "There are three main techniques that rely on body position. They can be laying on their side, on all fours, or in our signature position, which looks like a cradled baby with legs up," Lulu explains. "We find that [the cradling] is the most comfortable and natural. The real skill of the method is in the way we remove the hair and the movement of the wrist as we pull the bands.

Prior to waxing, the staff applied a powder to the areas to be waxed to absorb oils or lotions. The wax itself was warm and pleasant to the touch, and the pain was minimal and short-lived. Ramirez tells us that he worked to make his waxing method as painless as possible: "I use a warm Australian wax, which I apply, let dry for a few seconds, and then peel it off. Before I do that, I apply a oil to protect the skin, [so] when I remove the wax, [it] removes the hair without pulling on the skin, which is usually the cause of painful hair removal.

Home treatment vs. professional treatment

While you can wax certain parts of your body at home, I wouldn't recommend it with the Boyzilian. Beyond the hassle and potential mess of waxing on furniture or other surfaces, you'll likely have less success removing hair from hard-to-reach areas, and the risk of pain is also higher if you can't see what you're doing. For this reason, it is best to consult a professional for the most thorough and comfortable results.

If you decide that DIY is the best option for you, an at-home Boyzilian is possible with the right products and careful technique. Many wax kits are available on the market, each with different formulations. When attempting to wax at home, be sure to follow the instructions for the specific product to avoid painful mistakes or unwanted results.

The results

My Boyzilian wax results were very positive. The procedure itself was fairly quick and surprisingly less painful than I expected. More importantly, I liked the way my skin looked and felt smooth after the treatment. Surprisingly, although I have very sensitive skin, I didn't experience any rashes or really any significant reactions over the days.

According to Lulu, the first time you wax, "you'll notice that you don't have any of the irritation or itching you'd get from shaving. Your hair will grow back softer. After the third session, you'll notice less and less hair growing back. Results, of course, will vary by person, as will the length of time they last. "I have clients who come back every month, and some who take two months to come back," says Lulu. "The results depend on your genes and how they express your hair growth."

"There is often itching once the hair has fully grown out, as the skin gets used to being smooth, and yes, the hair becomes softer and [makes it] easy for follow-up waxing maintenance," Ramirez says. He says the treatment area "will stay smooth for about two weeks. After that, the hair starts to grow slowly or quickly, depending on your own testosterone level.

More importantly, when can you return to your normal routine, including sex? Lulu says there's no downtime necessary. "Enjoy life! Have sex! Only if you go to the beach, use sunscreen," she warns. Ramirez suggests waiting a bit before resuming certain activities, however. "Come in at least two to three days before any major event, or even a Grindr connection, just in case you have an unexpected reaction from the wax," he warns. Duly noted.


Both experts say follow-up is minimal, although a little initial precaution is a good idea. Ramirez tells us that it's best to limit certain activities after a waxing: "I always recommend no exercise or rigorous activity to keep the skin dry and fresh for the first 24 hours. After that, return to your normal routine.

According to Lulu, you might consider using an A&D ointment around the area "as it will help form a protective barrier to seal in moisture." Ramirez echoes this, saying that for the first 24 hours after waxing, he recommends applying "an antibiotic ointment or Aquaphor to keep the skin clean and disinfected and avoid infection, as the pores are wide open to bacteria."

The cost

The average cost of a full Boyzilian varies depending on where you live. In major cities like New York and Los Angeles, expect to pay around 90 $ or more. If you're trying to wax at home instead, you'll find options at your local pharmacy starting at about 10 $.

Last takeaway

As a beauty and grooming enthusiast who is always looking for new technology, treatments and products, I would say that Boyzilian is something I would do again. While I've always been comfortable with hair below the waist, and even celebrated it in a positive way for myself and others, I found the experience of waxing refreshing and a nice change from my usual look. If you normally use a razor to remove or reduce unwanted hair, a wax offers several benefits, including a smoother finish, less irritation, no accidental cuts, and longer regrowth time. While whatever you do with your hair is your choice and just as valid, for those who want to try the Boyzilian, I would say that the treatment is effective, comfortable and well worth it.

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