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You won't believe what happened to Alizée Bidaut, Miss Rhône-Alpes 2023, after her incredible coronation!

The 22-year-old animal keeper was elected on Saturday evening at the ceremony held in Haute-Savoie. She is originally from the Ain region.

"There was such a diverse promo that it could have been anyone." But it was Alizée Bidaut who took the title of Miss Rhône-Alpes 2023 on Saturday. The ceremony took place in La Roche-sur-Foron (Haute-Savoie), where 20 candidates took to the catwalk.

"I was lost"

The 22-year-old animal caretaker from Saint-Genis-sur-Menthon (Ain) was crowned winner in front of 3,500 spectators, following a show on the theme of time travel. A real "shock".

"I was confused. I didn't know if it was true or not. You ask yourself so many questions. There's a whole sequence behind it, where is it all going to lead? How am I going to manage? I'm still on cloud nine," says Alizée Bidaut on the set of BFM Lyon on Monday.

"We don't necessarily realize it yet. It's all so new all of a sudden. Every day you discover what's happening to you, and it's great," she adds.

Miss France contest on December 16

Alizée Bidaut recalls a "very stressful" moment on Saturday evening, with "a lot of adrenalin". Before the competition, she had to have lessons to learn how to express herself well, walk in the right way or dance and pose.

"But at the same time, it's an exciting time. You wait for it to come on stage," she recalls.

Before adding: "I made friends, we had an exceptional promo. We had an exceptional understanding. That's what made the show great."

Now the 22-year-old will have to defend her region at the Miss France contest, scheduled for December 16.

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Alizée Bidaut, 22, was elected Miss Rhône-Alpes 2023 at a ceremony in Haute-Savoie. She is originally from the Ain region. With 20 candidates taking part in the parade, Alizée won the title in front of 3,500 spectators during a show on the theme of time travel. She confessed to being confused and not knowing whether it was true or not. She still feels on cloud nine, discovering every day what has happened to her. Alizée remembers the competition as a very stressful but exciting time. She had to take lessons in expressing herself, walking, dancing and posing correctly. She also emphasized the exceptional understanding between the candidates, which made the show magnificent. Now she has to represent her region at the Miss France competition on December 16.

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