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What beauty products can you bring in your hand luggage when you travel?

Skin care

Does the Rule 3-1-1 ring a bell? That's the TSA rule for packing liquids in your hand luggage. This rule has been around for over 15 years now, so it's probably not the first you've heard of it. But it's always good to have a little reminder, so let's get to it:

The 3-1-1 rule basically states that all liquids must be in a 3.4 ounce or smaller container, and all of your handheld liquids must fit in a clear quart-sized bag. This rule applies to all sorts of everyday items, such as sunscreen, makeup, lotion and shampoo. If you have liquid, gel or cream skincare products that you need to carry, it is important to consider this rule before you go to the airport.

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