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We say #RIP to these beauty trends in 2023 | Blog

by Giphy

Every time December rolls around, like so many others, we reflect on everything that happened that year, and in the beauty industry, well, there was a lot. We saw maximalist makeup re-enter the cat alongside bleached eyebrows, tons of glitter and more TikTok trends than we can count. The beauty industries have delved into themes of self-love and acceptance, which have radiated through beauty launches, campaigns and even formulas. On a more practical wavelength, the realities of the post-pandemic era have come into play and will continue into 2023. Basically, a lot of shizz has fallen off.

After this reflection, we like to take a quick look at the trends we think will fade away and predict what's next. Without sounding boastful, over the years we've been pretty accurate, so read on if you want a glimpse into the Huda Beauty crystal ball. All we're saying is that the sun has set on these five trends? #RIP.

RIP: 20-step makeup routine, HELLO: Easy and effortless glam

Before the pandemic, we spent TIME on our rhythm... we wanted it to be flawless, which is somewhat ironic since we've scraped that very word from our beauty vocabulary... we're stepping aside! We prime and prepare our skin, polish our foundation, apply a layer concealer, cream contour, set with powder, bake, powder blush, then spend at least ten minutes perfecting our brows, and that doesn't even begin to cover our eyeshadow, liner or lip combo. Our make-up routine would regularly consist of twenty steps that would take us? honestly? 30 minutes on a good day and 45 minutes for total glamour. #SorryNotSorry

But as we enter our post-pandemic era, everything has changed. Throughout 2023, expect multitasking, easy-to-wear, and even easier-to-apply beauty to consolidate its reign. The Shades for the skin and lips will live in the spotlight, and we're not crazy. We want our glam to look effortless and let our natural beauty shine through. But don't get us wrong; we're not abandoning glam altogether... you'll still catch us at an event with a rhythm set with the utmost precision, but on regular days, we'll keep it minimal with multi-tasking sticks, natural brows and a few coats of mascara.

RIP: non-inclusive beauty brands

2023 has no time for non-inclusive beauty brands. Just check out the comments section on trendysmell and you will get the image VERY quickly. If you don't have a range of shades that reflect the beautiful skin tones we see in the world, the community of beauty will not stand it anymore. Clear and simple.

RIP: 14-step skin care routine, HELLO: skin care made easy

@mayriahm_a 4-step skin care routine for beginners? 1TP5Skin Care #beginnerskincareroutine #skincaretipsforeveryone #blackgirlskincare ? Last Last ? Burna Boy

Notice a trend here? In 2023, we're not just cutting out our makeup routine, but our skincare regimen too. Gone are the days of 14-step skincare routines. The truth is, we realized we didn't need to use a toner, an essence, two serums, a moisturizer and an oil for the faceAnd neither will you. Don't get me wrong, we'll still do it on self-care Sundays, but on a daily basis, we simplify with multitasking, 2-in-1 formulas and our morning routine, and our shine reaps the rewards.

And tbh, with the current climate and economic crisis (depressing, we know), not only are we reducing waste by opting for a simplified routine, but we don't have the money to throw away on unnecessary steps. And look, it's always good to do all these steps if that's what works for you. you, but if you skip certain steps on certain days, at least you stretch your products a little more.

A four-step morning routine (cleanser, serum, moisturizer, SPF) and a five-step evening routine (double cleansing, toner, serum, moisturizer, face oil) are more than enough. Trust us; your skin and your daily routine will thank you. Additional zzz's, anyone?

RIP: Overhairing, HELLO: Hair Health

@isabelleclarkee Get my products from @_edwardsandco dc: Isabelle15 ? #fyp #slickbun #modelbun # Tutorial #Cheveu #isabelleclarke #xyzbca ? STAY ? Le Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

When we think back on our daily hair routine, we feel a little guilty. We put our hair through SO MUCH? heat, hairspray, pull, pull. Well, not in 2023. Instead, hair health and hair love are back in the chat. In the past two years, we've seen an increase in heat-free styling hacks, hair-loving trends (think #maskbun and #hairslugging), not to mention so much love for natural hair (side note: if you haven't seen Tracee Ellis Ross's Hair Tales docu-series, get started now!). This will combine and culminate in 2023, and your scalp and hair will tell that story.

Speaking of your scalp, expect to pay more attention to it than ever. According to Pinterest, searches for "scalp massage technique" have increased by 55 % and "natural hair masks for growth" by 80 %. People are looking for natural techniques to nourish their hair, and the good news is that there are a ton of them. A word of advice? Do the same, and by the time we write the 2024 trend report (that thought is a little scary), your hair will be shinier, bouncier and healthier.

RIP: Major procedures, HELLO: Subtle improvements

@momuhneeee_ ?? we like a smooth forehead #dysport #botox #botoxnatural thank you @SNAPGLAMmedspa ? Hi Sexy Lady [Feat. Brian & Tony Gold] ? Shaggy

We've all lived and still live on Zoom, so let's not kid ourselves; when we're communicating, we rarely look at our colleagues. Our eyes are riveted on our own #coupable reflection. As a result, we're more conscious of our appearance, leading many of us who'd never even thought about the needle to think? "maybe a little here or something there". Combine that with celebrity confessionals? AKA many celebrities finally admitting they do a natural job? and the rise of subtle surgical procedures that give excellent results with no downtime, and you yourself have a recipe for a boom in subtle enhancements in 2023.

The truth/irony is that the world is favoring a much more natural atmosphere, and this is even reflected in surgical trends. We will begin to see more laser and non-surgical facelifts, as well as micro fillers and baby botox replacing overfilled lips and traditional facelifts.

Our only advice? Whatever type of procedure you decide to explore, ask if you are doing it yourself. If it empowers you and fuels your self-confidence, then we support it 100 %. Just be aware that many of these new trending procedures are temporary and require maintenance.

What trends do you think will die in 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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