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Watch Shy'm's incredible metamorphosis during a fashion fitting! Her fans are stunned by her crazy new haircut!

Shy'm has just posted a series of Instagram photos in which she appears with a shorter haircut. A hair transformation validated by her community.

Shy'm has changed her face again! At least, that's what her latest Instagram post suggests. Indeed, on her account followed by over 900,000 people, the famous 37-year-old singer shared with her fans her outfit fitting. But that's not all? Above, they were able to discover her with a new hair look.

Shy'm looks sublime in a short bob

While she's been sporting long hair for a while now, Shy'm seems to have succumbed to the call of the scissors. If her Instagram photo carousel is anything to go by, she's now wearing a straight, smooth square that reaches the jawlinereminiscent of the "Italian bob" haircut. This hairstyle suits her perfectly, framing the face of the interpreter of Woman of color and highlights her fine features. And her subscribers don't disagree. They've all approved the size change: " Your hair looks great cut like this." , " Superb "or " All haircuts suit you "the comments read.

Shy'm isn't afraid to change her look

Shy?m, aka Tamara Marthe, is undoubtedly the queen of hair changes. In a career spanning more than 15 years, she has gone through every conceivable style. Platinum blonde bob, afro cut, pixie cut, red hair color, unstructured cut, XXL braids, thick fringe, glossy red hair color, side-swept cut? She dares alland we love it! Her secret? Using wigs with the help of her favorite hairdresser, Julien Charlier, so as not to damage her beautiful brunette hair.

1. What's Shy'm's new haircut?
2. How did Shy'm choose her new haircut?
3. How do Shy'm fans react to her new haircut?

Shy'm recently posted a series of photos on Instagram in which she appears with a shorter haircut. It's a hair transformation that has been validated by her community. The famous 37-year-old singer shared the photos with her fans, showing off her new outfit fittings accompanied by a new hair look. She now sports a sleek, straight bob that comes up to her jawline, reminiscent of the "Italian bob" cut. This hairstyle suits her very well and highlights her fine features. Shy'm's subscribers also approved the change, complimenting her in the comments. Shy'm is known for her many hair changes throughout her career, using wigs to avoid damaging her natural hair.

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