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Wait... Were all the Golden Globe beauty looks inspired by TikTok?

Want to know what we learned from the Golden Globes 2023 red carpet? (Other than Jennifer Coolidge is the GOAT and Riri can LIT-ER-ALLIED can know wrong? DUH!) You can never underestimate the power of TikTok. For real, as we browsed the gorgeous celebrity beauty looks, it all seemed a little familiar, reminiscent of our late-night screen time with BeautyTok. We saw mermaid eyes, manga lashes, grunge, doe eyes, prom buns and of course, the classic soft glamour that lives and thrives on TikTok.

And don't get us wrong, we're not saying that ALL of these trends were born on TikTok, but it did make us wonder... is the beauty community driving trends as opposed to the fashion houses, glitz and glam squads that serve them? Basically, do celebrities follow us? It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation at this point, but we like to think so. One thing you can't deny are the similarities between the red carpet and our TikTok feed right now, and we're here for it.

Keep scrolling and listen to us as we make our case.

Double wing eyeliner

Sometimes it seems like there's a new TikTok eyeliner trend every day, but there's one look that always comes up in the cat, and that's the double wing liner look. This particular fad also plays into the sheer liner trend, which was HUGE last year.

Mermaid eyes

Jenna is THE girl of the moment, so we knew her look would serve, but this is beyond. Oh, and it's a mix of all our favorite TikTok trends. Mermaid eyes? Check. Whispy, manga lashes? Check, check. Angry curtain bangs? Of course you do!

Manga Lashes

Liza Koshy also experimented with the manga spider lash trend with these gorgeous long lashes. We're also here for its micro fringe that reminds us of the Audrey Hepburn tutorial that went viral last year.

Doe eyes

You didn't think we'd mention mermaid eyes without mentioning her doe-eyed sister, did you? Ana De Armas's eyes were literally irresistible as she slayed doe eyeliner.

Glamour grunge

This look was titled "Chic Cry Baby Goth" by Emma D'arcy's MUA, and we're quietly obsessed. It makes for major glam grunge energy, AKA one of the biggest trends of 2023, which was actually born out of TikTok trends like goth girl and e-girl. We're also drooling over the one tear... cry makeup, anyone? #IYKYK

Year-end Ball 2000 Update

Do we even need to give an explanation for this one? She's a TikTok girl, that's for sure.

The classic soft glam of TikTok

Okay, so there's a TikTok makeup look that's been floating around for a couple of years and, honestly, will probably live on BeautyTok forever. And it's glowing skin, blush, soft contour, contoured eyeshadow, maybe a little shimmer, micro liner, fluttery lashes and a shiny nude lip. PSA: it was all over the place at the Golden Globes.

Just think of it as there are literally millions of tutorials showing how to the creators of TikTok have ????created the coveted look, and it makes sense. It's an easy formula for a beautiful, universally flattering look. Well, as it turns out, the glam teams have been watching.

At HB, we love the look, because what no matter what level of skill you are using work, you can get the look at home. It can also be modified according to the structure of your face and / or skin tone and can be achieved effortlessly with the help of beauty staples in pharmacies.

Whispy curtain fringe

When you mention TikTok hair trends, curtain bangs always pop up. We mean, the hashtag #curtainbangstutorial has 281 million views, and it looks like Daisy Edgar-Jones took notes.


We couldn't do a roundup of the 2023 Golden Globes without mentioning Rihanna. But as always, she's the exception, not the rule. We'll follow Riri's lead, well, forever.

So what do you think? Does TikTok inspire celebrities? Do they take our beauty notes? Let us know in the comments below.

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