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Pilling of sunscreen can be avoided... Here's how

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Ultimately, not every ingredient is right for everyone, and if the presence of a certain ingredient simply doesn't match the other products in your skincare routine, it may be best to eliminate the one causing the problem and find another SPF. Fortunately, our experts have provided a multitude of sun protection options with little risk of pilling.

Engelman said this SPF applied with a brush is particularly ideal for oily skin, as it is super-light and the dry formula helps reduce oil, which could contribute to pilling.

"Those prone to acne should opt for a physical sunscreen that sits on the skin and reflects UV light instead of absorbing UV rays like chemical sunscreens," said Engelman. This Bliss formula is non-comedogenic and helps regulate oil production with rosa canina fruit oil.

Engelman recommends screens sunscreen creams and lotions for dry skin, and to look for formulas that also contain moisturizing ingredients to nourish skin all day long. She says this SPF 50 from Elizabeth Arden will also help strengthen the skin barrier, making it more resistant.

"Sensitive skin should use fragrance-free sunscreens," said Engelman, and recommends this iconic formula which has had Holy Grail status time and time again.

Perfect for those who use too many products, this three-in-one formula from Glo Skin Beauty is the ultimate multitasker. The tinted moisturizer offers broad-spectrum SPF 30, blue light protection and vitamin C-based antioxidant protection with a superb glossy finish.

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