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The strangest TikTok hacks I tried this year | Blog

by Giphy

Let's get straight to the point: there's WEIRD direct content running on TikTok. Just when you think you've seen it all, someone starts cooking their foundation? Yes, it's a thing, and of course we've tried it. But the truth is, we LOVE trying all the crazy crap (it's so much fun), and sometimes you discover a game-changing hack in the process. So cozy up and get ready for some WTF and LOL moments by checking out the beauty tricks the crazier than we tried this year.

1. Kitchen foundation? WTF?

@hudabeauty I tried the basic kitchen hack? Did it work? IB : @Elif Ertürk #hudabeauty #xyzbca #for you #fauxfilterfoundation 1TP5Foundationhack @hudabeauty ? its original ? Huda Beauty

2. Foaming foundation? Uh, WHAT?

@hudabeauty In reply to @Alicia Hall6662 I tried IB hack foaming foundation: @avonnasunshine ???? doing this from now on #hudabeauty #for you #xyzbca #fauxfilterfoundation #makeuphack 1TP5Glass sheet @Huda Beauty ? its original ? Huda Beauty

3. Barbie-Mains application, LOL

@hudabeauty Barbie hand makeup application @molchanovamua #hudabeauty #for you #xyzbca 1TP5Reactionvideo ? its original ? Huda Beauty

Messages you'll love:

4. Deodorant powder #EEK

@hudabeauty Deodorant powder ? @molchanovamua #hudabeauty #for you #xyzbca #makeuphack #hudabeautyeasybake ? its original ? Huda Beauty

5. Mascara as eye shadow ?!

@hudabeauty In reply to @urfavkuwa1tiya Mascara in eyeshadow? What do you think of it? IB: @divinamuse #hudabeauty #for you #xyzbca #mascrahacks #legitlashes @hudabeauty ? its original ? Huda Beauty

6. Sparkling water to fix your make-up?

@hudabeauty Have you tested sparkling water as a setting spray? IB: @Sean Anthony #hudabeauty #for you #xyzbca #makeuphacks 1TP5Viral video @hudabeauty ? its original ? Huda Beauty

7. Powder your face? But WHY?

@hudabeauty Who has tried this? Make sure your makeup doesn't move IB; @Aysha @Sayri #hudabeauty #for you #xyzbca #makeuphacks #hudabeautyeasybake @hudabeauty ? its original ? Huda Beauty

Have you seen any weird hacks you'd like us to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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