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The best ???? ankle tattoos for each style of ink

Tattoos ????are the ultimate form of self-expression, so much so that the decision can seem seriously daunting. Example: It took four years of research and reflection before I decided on my first tattoo (three very small hand-drawn stars on the inside of my wrist).

And while tattoos??are all about individuality, it doesn't hurt to see what everyone else is doing for inspiration, especially when it comes to design and placement. And a particularly popular spot for tattoo artists and Team Tatted? The playful and discreet ankle.

As easy to show off with a pair of dainty heels as it is to cover with the roll of your pants, the ankle is a prime spot for tattooing, especially since the skin doesn't wrinkle or sag much with age. Although it was extremely popular in the '90s, tattoo artist Dillon Forte said the area is coming back in a big way: "Whether it's part of a larger piece that goes up the leg or a group or stand-alone design, I'm seeing a lot more pop up. I've seen a lot of cool designs there."

Although the cost depends on the artist and their hourly rate, ????à ankle tattoos tend to be less expensive, simply by the nature of the smaller canvas. That said, a more complex design may take a few hours and ultimately cost more. Be prepared to spend between 150 $ and 2,500 $ an hour, depending on the design and artist you choose, and be sure to do your homework in advance: you'll get some for your money.

Mira Mariah, a New York-based tattoo artist, says that while it's certainly not the most pleasant area of the body to tattoo, ankle tattoos aren't too bad when it comes to the pain factor. That said, it's difficult to predict pain levels as we all have different levels of tolerance and sensation. In any case, Mariah and Forte agree that it's a particularly ideal spot for beginners as it's small, concealable and relatively gentle.

Looking for the perfect design for you? Scroll down for 19 of our favorite ???? ankle tattoos, from the bold and shiny to the subtly sweet.

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