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What defends your skin against the rigors of urban life? Ultraviolet light and ambient pollution, stale air and free radicals can all cause damage to our skin if we don't take the necessary precautions. The answer is ID city multi-protection, a special product to protect your skin in the city.
The id city multi-protection offers complete protection against the many threats your skin is exposed to in urban environments. Whether it's UV, pollution, free radicals or other, it addresses all kinds of external and internal nuisances. Made with natural vegan ingredients, this formula helps defend your skin and keep it healthy and balanced in more stressful environments. Equipped with an innovative filtration system, the formula incorporates elements that prevent not only the oxidation of tissues but also their progressive destruction by external aggressions. Powered by its rich and lightly tinted texture, get an invisible protective layer to help you breathe freely and stay beautiful!

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Optimal protection against UVA and UVB rays with a high performance SPF 50

Clarins UV+ Antipollution SPF 50 is an innovative sun care product that provides high protection against UVA and UVB rays. Its patented Anti-Pollution Complex acts as an invisible barrier, protecting your skin from harmful particles, while its rich, light texture melts into your skin for a fresh, hydrated complexion. Ideal for the city, it's non-greasy, non-sticky and non-whitening, while providing optimal 24-hour sun protection. Give your skin the best care with Clarins UV+ Anti-Pollution SPF 50.

UV+ Antipollution SPF 50 by CLARINS is a sunscreen specially designed to protect the skin against the sun's harmful rays and the damaging effects of pollution. Its formula, rich in natural active ingredients and mineral filters, provides broad-spectrum protection and preventive care against premature aging. Thanks to its non-greasy texture, application is very pleasant and leaves a matte finish on the skin. Its formula also contains antioxidants that help fight the harmful effects of free radicals and soothe redness caused by sunburn. Used daily, UV+ Antipollution SPF 50 offers optimal protection all year round.

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