Luna Rossa Carbon - Eau de Toilette


Prada Luna Rossa Carbon is literally between heaven and earth, while its remarkable freshness can be heard.
Prada Luna Rossa Carbon is a timeless freshness that bridges the gap between land and sea. Its fresh, mineral scent entices the senses while it provides a refreshing and protective feel to clothing. This eau de parfum will take you on a journey to new horizons with notes of bergamot, French lavender and Scottish cardamom that blend with marine salinity and woody accents. Perfect for relaxing moments on the warm sand or to brighten up your day, Prada Luna Rossa Carbon is a fragrance that will delight all tastes.

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A bold and contemporary men's fragrance

Luna Rossa Carbon by PRADA is a bold and modern men's fragrance that combines fresh and woody notes to create a rich and powerful scent. Its fresh top note is composed of cardamom, bergamot and cedar. The scent softens with medium notes of lavender, black pepper and pink berries, while the woody base is composed of vetiver, cedar and patchouli. Luna Rossa Carbon is a dynamic eau de toilette that helps men stand out with style and elegance.

Luna Rossa Carbon Eau de Toilette is a men's fragrance with a modern and refined style created by PRADA. It is composed of a base of white cedar, characterized by an amber note that gives this fragrance its masculine sensuality. The fresh and lively notes of ginger, pepper and basil complete the composition, giving the fragrance a spicy, bold and spicy touch.This eau de toilette is highly appreciated for its aromatic properties for the modern man who is looking for a unique fragrance. Its long-lasting wear makes it the perfect companion for any special occasion, be it for his professional or social life. Its rich, lingering scent reveals the originality and self-confidence of the men who use it.

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