LIFT-DESIGNER Face lifting and firming serumLIFT-DESIGNER Lifting and firming face serumFILORGA


Reformulated :: A lifting solution reinforced with aesthetic procedures for a result against age.

The Ultra-Lifting Serum is a powerful formula designed to visibly improve your skin tone and texture. Its composition includes active ingredients from aesthetic procedures, making it capable of instantly firming and providing an anti-aging effect to your skin. This serum effectively fights wrinkles, age spots and fine lines, giving you a youthful, healthy appearance in just a few days. Give yourself an extra boost of moisture and nutrition with this Ultra-Lifting Serum that will restore your skin's natural vitality. With a real revitalizing action, this product will give you a perfectly smooth and luminous skin!

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Discover FILORGA's LIFT-DESIGNER face serum, a unique formula that provides an immediate lift and firmness. This tightening serum is designed to restore the youthful, dynamic appearance of your face. Its active formula intensifies the natural production of collagen, reshapes the oval of the face and makes the skin more elastic, visibly reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin regains its original tone and firmness! Choose a complete routine to obtain optimal results.

LIFT-DESIGNER is a powerful lifting and firming facial serum that was developed by the prestigious FILORGA brand. It contains a combination of active ingredients that work in synergy to provide a unique action to fight against sagging skin and sagging facial skin. Its exclusive formula combines a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, skin regenerating peptides and plant stem cells to achieve visible results immediately after application. This serum also provides an immediate sensation of freshness and comfort by enriching the skin with water and essential nutrients while stimulating its natural collagen production. In addition, its light texture allows for quick and easy absorption, resulting in a better visual slimming of the face. This product is intended for all women wishing to obtain significant results on their wrinkles and fine lines, while obtaining a facial lift without

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