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Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel has proven to be a fabulous best-seller. Its unique formula is made with soothing botanicals and soothes away dirt, oil and makeup to reveal soft, clear and radiant skin. Excellent for all skin types including the most sensitive, its freshness blends with peppermint to leave your skin feeling calm and comforted all day. Plus, this magical wonder will increase the absorption of subsequent moisturizing products. Discover the wonders this incredible product can do for your skin today!

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Discover the Lady MILLION Body Milk by PACO RABANNE

Treat your skin to the luxury of Lady MILLION Body Lotion. Its formula, enriched with precious moisturizing and deeply nourishing oils, offers an instant sensation of softness and comfort. Its light texture is easily absorbed, leaving your skin soft and scented with the irresistible fragrance of Lady MILLION. Treat yourself to this timeless luxury for absolute well-being throughout the day. PACO RABANNE, exceptional creator.

Lady MILLION Body Lotion offers a luxurious and refined experience. Formulated with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter, this body lotion cleanses and moisturizes the skin while leaving a divine scent. It is also non-greasy, non-sticky and easy to apply. Its innovative and elegant packaging reflects its luxurious and sophisticated interior. In addition, this high-end product comes in several different scents that are each as exquisite as the next. With its rich and luxurious creamy texture, Lady MILLION Body Milk offers the ultimate feeling of renewed hydration that lasts all day long.

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