Genesis Defense Thermal Blow-Dry Fluid fortifying anti-hair loss


Fragile and breakage-prone hair can now benefit from protection thanks to a specially designed product: the thermal protector.

Smoothing hair mask and heat protector. Whether you use a hair dryer, curling iron or heated irons to add volume to your hair, there's no need to hesitate! The Smoothing and Heat Protecting Hair Mask is the essential product to protect your fragile hair when you have to work on it with heating appliances regularly. Its unique composition in nourishing oils allows the hair to be protected and hydrated while obtaining a beautiful silky and shiny texture. Its rich texture penetrates deep into the scalp to repair hair fibers while eliminating unsightly frizz. If you want to reinvigorate the natural health and beauty of your hair, the Smoothing and Heat Protecting Hair Mask is your best bet. Don't miss any more hair appointments!

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Kérastase Genesis Défense Thermique : Fortifying anti-hair loss blow-dry fluid

Genesis Thermal Defense is an anti-hair loss fortifying blow-dry fluid that helps combat the effects of thermal heat and external aggressors that can affect hair. Enriched with thermo-protective polymers, it forms an invisible barrier to protect hair from the damage caused by blow-drying and heat styling. Its ultra-lightweight formula helps strengthen the fiber and immediately smooth hair for a long-lasting, flawless look. Genesis Thermal Defense also provides long-lasting protection against abuse, making it the ideal product to achieve long-lasting style without compromising your hair's natural beauty.

offers an innovative technology to help fight hair loss. Genesis Thermal Defense Anti-Hair Loss Fortifying Blow Drying Fluid is formulated with active ingredients such as Vitamin E and Panthenol that nourish the hair and scalp, stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. The unique complex regenerates the scalp, optimizes the nutritional supply and regulates sebum products. The ingredients are free of parabens, silicone and mineral oil. In addition, it is suitable for all hair types to ensure complete protection against free radicals and protect against the harmful effects of chemicals and heating tools such as flat irons or straighteners. Its fluid texture allows it to melt easily into the hair to give intense shine, a velvety feel and protection against heat up to 200°C.

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