Effervescent Star Bath Cube


express care.

This SEPHORA COLLECTION star dissolves quickly for an express treatment. Scented bath filled with sparkling bubbles.

Awaken your senses with this SEPHORA COLLECTION effervescent star. Transform your bath into a highly scented and energizing experience with its harmonious blend of floral and fruity aromas. Simply place the star in your bathtub and enjoy the immersive experience of aroma-filled sparkling bubbles for a relaxing and delightful bath. Not only will it provide aromatic scents, but it will soften the bath water like never before! Doing this simple act is the easiest and fastest way to turn an ordinary bath into something extraordinary for excellent hydration and relaxation. Give yourself that wonderful moment you deserve with the SEPHORA COLLECTION effervescent star!

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"Discover the Magic of Effervescent Cubes from SEPHORA COLLECTION

Treat yourself to luxury and relaxation with the Etoile Effervescente bath cube from SEPHORA COLLECTION. This luxurious product is infused with richly scented essential oils and many wonderful ingredients that will help you relax during hot baths. Let your imagination run wild with the bright, intense colors that blend with the foam to create a magical underwater spectacle. Bring an extra touch of enchantment to your bath with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Etoile Effervescente bath cube. Give yourself all the luxury you need and the relaxation you crave with its unique experience. Relax and let the bright colors, the creamy foam and the delicate fragrances take over your moment in the warm water. Live this unforgettable experience with the SEPH Effervescent Star bath cube.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Effervescent Stars are a unique and entertaining way to add a little fun to your bath. They are designed to dissolve in water and release color, fragrance and relaxing effects that change the color of your bath. Their rich baking soda formulas leave your skin feeling soft and soothed while adding a little fun. Effervescent Stars have also been formulated to be drain-safe, which means you won't have to worry about residue building up in the drainage system. Plus, the bath cubes are vegan and do not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals. Enjoy the magic of bathing with the SEPHORA COLLECTION Effervescent Stars!

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