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cuticles in complete safety.

This cuticle cutter is the necessary instrument for a successful manicure, it allows you to trim the cuticles with care.
Gently cuticles and tapers nail edges for a flawless hand finish! Featuring a premium stainless steel blade, this cuticle trimmer is reliable and durable; its smooth lines and curves help make the job easier. Its ergonomic shape can fit perfectly in the palm of your hand for unparalleled comfort. It won't rust, slip, or build up residue over time, so you're guaranteed hygienic, shiny nails. Your manicure will become easier with this intuitive cuticle cutter and the amazing results it offers.

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Cuticle clippers: Perfect nails with SEPHORA COLLECTION

SEPHORA COLLECTION cuticle clippers are a great nail accessory and a must-have for well-groomed hands. Made from durable materials, they are designed to last and give you professional results. Their ergonomic design is enhanced by firm grip tweezers and of course, their sharp edges allow you to cleanly cut your cuticles. SEPHORA COLLECTION cuticle clippers are a great addition to your manicure routine and a great way to keep your nails healthy.

SEPHORA COLLECTION cuticle clippers are superior quality nail accessories designed to keep your nails beautiful at all times. They are made of stainless steel which offers excellent resistance to corrosion and scratches. They are lightweight, easy to use and feature a non-slip rubber handle that keeps your grip firm and comfortable. Their ergonomic design allows you to cut cuticles safely and effectively without damaging your nails or delicate skin. Plus, their acrylic coating offers extra protection against tarnish and rust. These SEPHORA COLLECTION cuticle cutters are the ideal solution to take care of your nails and keep them beautiful and well-groomed!

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