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Mademoiselle de Chanel, created by the great couturier Coco Chanel and developed using the latest modern fragrance technologies, offers a unique and inimitable freshness. This sophisticated blend of white flowers, citrus and woody notes is both subtle and timeless. Its bottle represents the very essence of fashion and captures the bold spirit that has made the brand shine over the decades. Mademoiselle de Chanel is the luxurious, sophisticated and elegant promise of a dream that begins with every application. Its long-lasting wear ensures that your aura will be envied everywhere you go. Treat yourself to the best of Parisian style with this absolute gem, the gorgeous Mademoiselle de Chanel fragrance.

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Discover the Intense Moisture- Coconut Conditioner by Bumble and Bumble

Our Creme de Coco Moisturizing Conditioner is both light and powerful. It contains extracts of coconut and jojoba oil to nourish hair without weighing it down. Its ultra-moisturizing formula provides a silky smooth effect, while its enchanting citrus scent releases a sweet tropical fragrance. Our Creme de Coco conditioner will give your hair intense moisture and a shiny texture that will improve with each wash.

is a brand known for its natural hair products that offer spectacular results. Their Crème de Coco Conditioner is a nutrient-rich moisturizing conditioner that nourishes and repairs hair. It contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil and argan oil, which provide moisture, softness and shine to the hair. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals to help protect the scalp and keep your look flawless. Its non-greasy formula is perfectly suited to all hair types for impeccable hydration while creating a protective barrier around the scalp. It can be used on wet or dry hair without overloading strands or leaving a sticky residue. Finally, its tropical scent makes hair washing very pleasant and it can be completed with the shampoo

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