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Perfume Collections : CITRUSES
Perfume Category: FRESH WATER
Perfume Description : Colonia The Parfums Agrumes collections are inspired by the marine style and idyllic aquatic landscapes to create a unique cologne. A rich and enchanting fragrance that leaves behind a subtle and fresh trail. The scent has earthy notes of Italian basil, the strength of citrus fruits such as Sicilian orange, Italian lemon and green bergamot, complemented by an infusion of marine moss and musk ambrette. An eternal fragrance that transports you to a journey on the waterfalls generated by the sea. The Citrus Perfume Collections are designed for modern women with a touch of wild spirit.

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Colonia Pura, the exceptional aquatic cologne

Colonia Pura is an aquatic cologne that offers a unique blend of fresh and invigorating essences to awaken your senses. Its aromatic fragrance, composed of tangy citrus, marine notes and precious woods, will bring you the freshness your skin needs. With its light and penetrating formula, this aquatic cologne is perfect for anyone looking for the perfect balance between modernity and tradition.

Colonia Pura Eau de Cologne Aquatique is a unique product that offers an elegant and fresh sensation. Its composition based on essential oils and plant extracts, wrapped in an exclusive formula, provides a pleasant refreshing sensation. The aquatic, floral and fruity notes create a unique fragrance that awakens the senses and invites a moment of absolute freshness. The formula is easy to apply and does not leave any traces on the body or clothes, making it an ideal product for day and night. The presence of natural ingredients also ensures that Colonia Pura Eau de Cologne Aquatique is safe for the skin and does not contain controversial or harmful ingredients. Finally, this product offers a long diffusion time, allowing users to fully enjoy the relaxing and refreshing effects it is capable of.

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