A woman holding a facial massage device near her cheek, with noticeable green nail polish on her fingernails and a partial view of her face focusing on one eye.
MicroGlow? - Say goodbye to facial imperfections



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MicroGlow? - Say goodbye to facial imperfections

(50 customer reviews)


If you're looking for an affordable way to say goodbye to facial imperfections, then the MicroGlow? is for you! This LED microcurrent massager is a real miracle for your skin, helping to sculpt, firm and lift cheeks and jaw line. What's more, it erases fine lines and smoothes wrinkles, targets acne, small blemishes and blackheads, and improves redness, dark spots and dark circles. And the best part? It's completely painless and non-toxic! With free delivery and hassle-free 30-day returns, you can treat yourself to quality skincare without breaking the bank. Don't wait any longer and try MicroGlow? today!

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The MicroGlow? massager is equipped with six different modes to meet all your skin care needs. The cleansing mode uses positive and negative ions to remove impurities from the pores, while the EMS mode stimulates the skin to help skincare products penetrate deeper. Warm mode promotes absorption to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while red light stimulates collagen to improve skin's appearance. Blue light helps reduce acne and pimples, while green light promotes blood circulation to reduce puffiness.

The MicroGlow? massager is easy to use and comes with a USB charging cable for convenient use. It's also compact and easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for travel. However, it is important to note that this product is not suitable for people who have undergone facial plastic surgery, a subcutaneous metal implant, pregnant women or during the period of use of this product.

In conclusion, the MicroGlow? massager is a wise choice for those looking to improve their skincare routine without spending a fortune. With its six different modes, it can help solve a variety of skin problems, while being safe and easy to use. Try it now and say goodbye to facial imperfections for good!

Is MicroGlow? suitable for all skin types and safe to use?

MicroGlow? the solution for perfect skin

If you're looking for a way to say goodbye to facial imperfections, then MicroGlow? is the ideal solution. It's a tool that deeply cleanses and purifies the skin, giving it a healthy, luminous appearance.

MicroGlow? is easy to use and requires no extra effort on your part. Simply apply it to your face in gentle, even circular movements, avoiding sensitive areas. The results are immediate: your skin is softer, smoother and more radiant.

The secret of MicroGlow? lies in its ultrasonic technology. This high-quality device emits high-frequency sound waves that penetrate deep into the skin to remove impurities and dead cells that clog pores. As a result, your skin is deeply purified and regenerated, leaving your complexion more even, fresher and brighter.

What's more, MicroGlow? is made from high-quality materials that are both lightweight and durable. You can use it every day without risk of damage or premature wear.

MicroGlow? is a must-have solution for anyone looking to improve the health and appearance of their skin. Get spectacular results in just a few minutes, and say goodbye to facial imperfections with this innovative and practical tool. Order yours now and transform your skincare routine today!

50 reviews for MicroGlow? – Dites adieu aux imperfections du visage

  1. C***r (verified owner) -

    Working as it should, so well? only waiting again or the real effect has

  2. G***k (verified owner) -

    The masseur arrived in five days. Tested immediately. My feelings: in the evening, I use red and blue alternately. First I treat one side of the face and neck, then the other. Over time-until the gadget is turned off. I did the massage on a moisturizing gel. I tried the serum, it's quickly absorbed and the gadget starts to grip and stretch the skin, and the gel is perfect. After the procedure, the face is pink, the skincare products work better. In the morning, I use the green light, it should neutralize puffiness. And it does. By the way, the vibration is activated when the device touches the face. I didn't expect that for such ridiculous money, there would at least be a result. Will continue to use. Thanks to you

  3. M***g (verified owner) -

    Superior quality, faster delivery than indicated. Mega device. I recommend the seller to 100%

  4. R***y (verified owner) -

    Came very quickly, mail at the door. Works as described. Thanks to the seller. Let's see what the result will be

  5. 1***r (verified owner) -

    Everything's great. One week before Peter. There's detailed instruction on ozone

  6. ?***r (verified owner) -

    If nothing comes to me quickly) within 5 days (in advance) everything is perfectly packaged. I'll give it a try. I read the reviews, took two at a time) one for a gift

  7. 8***r (verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery. Expected December 4, received much earlier. Don't know if there will be an effect, but the face massage will be anyway. I did not contact the seller, the trail was followed. I recommend the seller.

  8. C***s (verified owner) -

    I haven't tested the results yet, but it arrived safely and works perfectly.

  9. H***g (verified owner) -

    Very quickly delivered and very carefully. Is now in charge.

  10. S***n (verified owner) -

    I don't order for the first time all my friends. Ordered more. Recommend

  11. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Goods arrived promptly. Whole, the box is also whole and packed. Need to load. Haven't tested it yet.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    I loved it! Arrived well in advance, in 17 days, very well packed, the device was unloaded, when it was charged it worked well, it only vibrates when it touches the skin, and it has 3 powers, comes a manual that I will still understand the power of each, and a USB cable. Finally, an excellent purchase!

  13. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Received fairly quickly within a week. Does not vibrate. Only shines with different light. Don't know how effective. Work.

  14. S***y (verified owner) -

    Arrived very quickly in Nz. Excellent instructions came with it. Very easy to use and clean.

  15. N***a (verified owner) -

    The package was a month before the Kuwaiti, packed in the inner load the dusting instruction, very satisfied not yet tried

  16. H***d (verified owner) -

    Well packaged, so far so good, haven't used them yet, the writing on the red screen seems more visible than in the dark, I'll give future updates, haven't loaded them yet, arrived quickly.

  17. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, good packaging. Rests comfortably in the hand. Vibration and light work different. I use it to tell about the result after 2 days. And the face is fresher in the morning. Product and seller recommend

  18. T***a (verified owner) -

    Great stuff! Truth was a bit delayed on the way for 3 days. Mail delivered. Vibrates when touched, hot heats up on mode. Use a special wire gel and you'll be happy. Instructions are in other reviews.

  19. N***a (verified owner) -

    Just as described, well packaged, like the design, comfortable and very attractive. Delivered very quickly, good gift.

  20. A***a (verified owner) -

    The device came. Everything works. Pleasant to use. Vibrates perceptibly, teeth already striking. If in doubt, don't hesitate. Definitely recommend. In a month's time I'll write about the results.

  21. S***s (verified owner) -

    Mode 3 M smells warm, I use it with the serum and face cream, my face turns a little pink.
    I use it for a week, while I love everything, how for me the skin improves, tightens.

  22. E***r (verified owner) -

    Like the description plus preciousÇa works very well despite the state that the destroyed package reached me but this did not affect the product and I have already tried it but makes the promised effect as I have already said it works like that wonderfully I likeThanks to the seller for the quality and speed I recommend it

  23. G***m (verified owner) -

    The Shvidko was delivered to Ukraine, the super, prizhas of the charges. Light, I will see the case of the procedure.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    It's a good massager. The heating function feels relaxing. I like that it comes with different features. After using it for several days, I noticed that my face and neck felt smoother.

  25. E***e (verified owner) -

    Excellent product that I use daily in my routine and you can see the difference.

  26. D***r (verified owner) -

    I'm delighted the order came unexpectedly quickly all work with an instruction

  27. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Works, adapts very well to
    Face contouring, very easy to use

  28. N***L (verified owner) -

    Super topissimo! Congratulations on the beautiful product

  29. I***r (verified owner) -

    More don't see the results

  30. J***o (verified owner) -

    The spray didn't arrive

  31. Anonymous (verified owner) -

  32. Y***a (verified owner) -

    Everything in perfect condition vibrates very well I love it

  33. F***x (verified owner) -

    Color not quite as described, strong unpleasant plastic smell.
    Cheap but not great quality.
    Will do!

  34. J***l (verified owner) -

  35. L***a (verified owner) -

    Seems to be extremely. I'll use it later, I'll tell if it's effective.

  36. S***o (verified owner) -

    I arrive in good condition in its box and here it is loading later we'll prove to you that I hope it's cool?

  37. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Perfect, received quickly, works very well. I have just recommended another one for my sister.

  38. A***a (verified owner) -

    They are plastic, for the summer beach plan or beach bar are fine, nothing else. In other stores twice as expensive, so I recommend buying them here.

  39. A***S (verified owner) -

    Good product, it already comes with a bit of battery, I felt that the tasting was more subvesita

  40. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    It worked for the first few days and has already gone bad... don't buy it, it's bad, it doesn't heat up, it doesn't even vibrate... it just lights up the led. I threw money at it!

  41. B***A (verified owner) -

  42. N***a (verified owner) -

    O máquina chegou muito bem, bem empacotado sem nenhum problema, não liguei para ver se está a funcionar porque deixei para supresa com a minha mulher, mas já agradeço a atenção e colaboração. The machine arrived very well, well packed without any problem, I did not call to see if it works because I left it to my wife by surprise, but I thank you for your attention and cooperation. ]]>

  43. T***r (verified owner) -

  44. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Ergometric material and offered to massage the taste helping to absorb the creams. But it didn't work. I spent 24 hours with the same one in the electrical socket and it didn't work. Called, but it didn't work. I would like to return the item and receive a refund. ]]>

  45. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    I received my item today 5-27-23 only took 10 days to arrive in the U.S.
    Thank you

  46. N***t (verified owner) -

    Everything looks good. I've only tried it once, so I'll let you know the results after using it for three months. ]]>

  47. S***t (verified owner) -

    I haven't used the product yet but I'm sure I'll like it. Thank you very much for the fast delivery.

  48. ?***? (verified owner) -

    I like it a lot. Came on time. Still can't say anything about the result, but had good feeling when I tasted. I recommended the seller. ]]>

  49. AliExpress Buyer (verified owner) -

    As the photo is, they smell a bit but it goes away in a few days, they are very cool and measured all the same and good.

  50. M***l (verified owner) -

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A woman holding a facial massage device near her cheek, with noticeable green nail polish on her fingernails and a partial view of her face focusing on one eye.
MicroGlow? - Say goodbye to facial imperfections