Facial Fuel Energizing - Energizing facial cleanser for men


Kiehl's Cleansing Cream provides a soothing energy while tackling dead skin cell buildup, blackheads, and all other signs of environmental pollution. Its powerful formula is designed to give you instantly healthier, fresher skin.

Our Kiehl's High Efficiency Energizing Face Wash is the perfect solution to refresh your skin and free your face from impurities and toxins in just seconds. Its unique formula combines nourishing and quality ingredients that will moisturize the skin while helping to restore its elasticity and softness. A touch of peppermint adds a freshness that will make your facial care routine more relaxing than ever! Our Kiehl's balm will intensely cleanse and respect the natural skin barrier, while fighting dead skin cells. Try it and you'll love it!

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KIEHL'S SINCE 1851: Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash for Men

Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash by KIEHL'S SINCE 1851 is a revitalizing face wash designed specifically for men. Infused with Gingko Biloba, Green Tea Extract and Peppermint Essential Oil, the cleanser provides a refreshing and renewed feeling to the skin. It removes impurities while maintaining natural moisture without leaving a greasy film on the face. The rich, creamy texture transforms into a light lather for a deep, gentle cleansing. Unlimited use to stay energized and healthy!

KIEHL'S SINCE 1851 Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash is specially formulated for men looking to remove fatigue and impurities. It is formulated with natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, nettle leaf extract and green tea that gently cleanse the skin while providing intensive hydration. Minty water refreshes and tones the skin. This product is non-greasy and non-irritating, making it an excellent option for men who need an effective and soothing cleanse. Plus, it's formulated with antioxidants to help protect your skin from daily environmental aggressors. Facial Fuel's Energizing Face Wash provides an instant cooling sensation that instantly wakes up your tired skin!

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