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Haircare 101: Do's and don'ts for better hair care habits | Blog

by Giphy

Organizing a hair care regimen is no easy task when you're practically all at the hair care aisle promises delicious Beyoncé-like highlights * screams confusion *. As always, we get it. The tricky part is that hair care? like skin care ? are not universal. There are so many things to keep in mind (like your hair type, its ability to absorb moisture and the right tools) that go into creating a routine that works for you. We've listed the most important things to consider so that your hair never feels ignored again.

MAKE Know your hair type

Grab a mirror, get close to your strands and note what you see? S-shaped waves, tight coils or zigzagging strands? Deciphering your hair pattern(s) allows you to find products formulated *exactly* for your hair texture... why waste $$$ on something that's not for you? At the end of the day, strands identify with one or more curl types: straight (type 1), wavy (type 2), curly (type 3) and curly (type 4)? try deciphering the majority of your hair and head with this.

If you are type 3 to 4, consult NOU (Next to us)which helps you effortlessly choose the right hair product for your curl type. Read our full review here.

MAKE Replace your hairbrush regularly

It's very easy for your hairbrush to turn into a bacteria-infested, dirt-diluted, dust-filled tool if you don't clean it regularly. It sounds dramatic, but let us explain: your hairbrush picks up all the scalp debris, stubborn hair products and excess hair as you brush through your strands. These bits accumulate with each pass and cling to the bristles for life... not something we want to hear.

Haircare 101: Do's and don'ts for better hair care habits | Blog - Perfect Skinby Giphy

Get into the habit of cleaning your hairbrush every two weeks or every month? remove any loose hair, then soak the brush in a mixture of warm water and clarifying shampoo for about four minutes and give it a good old scrub. Rinse well and leave to air dry. If you notice missing hairs or hard ends, it's time to say goodbye to prevent your hair from getting stuck or breaking. Psst, check out our hair brushing guide if you're not sure which hair brush to use.

MAKE a weekly HAIRcial

Who said that #SelfCareSundays were only for skin care ? Doesn't your hair deserve to be pampered too? And no, we're not talking about regular wash days. A full HAIRcial starts with a scalp mask or detox to remove any buildup, followed by a deep conditioner to moisturize thirsty strands and boost shine, finished with some oils, and maybe an overnight mask if the strands demand it. We know it sounds like a lot, but you only have to do it once a month? Be sure to check out our full HAIRcial guide for fire recommendations first.

MAKE Consider the type of porosity of your hair

Imagine this: you apply a new hair oil, hoping it will restore your hair to its healthiest, happiest state, but nothing happens. While this can be frustrating, it's a common mistake that happens when we don't take into account the porosity of our hair, which is how it absorbs things like moisture, water and hair products. Knowing this can help you navigate all the different hair care formulas so that you get *always* your money's worth. None of that use once and throw away drama!

If you are unsure of the type of porosity of the hair, place a single strand of hair (naturally shed) in a glass of water and see how much moisture it absorbs:

1. If the strand floats to the top: Low porosity! The outermost layer of your stems (cuticles) is tightly bonded, so it's difficult to absorb moisture. Choose products that penetrate quickly without feeling heavy? light oils, water-based products and protein-free treatments? and you're golden. Treat yourself to a weekly scalp detox to clarify your scalp of any previous build-up? more on that later!

2. If the strand floats in the middle: Medium/normal porosity! Congratulations, your hair care routine is working! Continue, but use weekly strengthening treatments to maintain the condition of your hair.

3. If the strand sinks: High porosity! This means your hair's cuticle is open, so your strands easily absorb (and lose) moisture. Look for rich butters and leave-in oils that lock in moisture for good.

Learn more about hair porosity and what hair gurus recommend for your porous hair type.

DO NOT Hair product overload

If you're on the verge of splurging on new products because you're freaking out about your hair, this one is for you. We've all had crazy moments with our hair, so we understand how hard it is to stop trying different serums and oils? Not to mention those promising DIY hair masks that promise to banish any signs of distress. But the truth is, taking the overall "less is more" approach is one that really works.

Listen to us! When you apply oil after oil, cream after cream and mask after mask, you're smothering your scalp with product. More product doesn't mean greater benefits... in fact, excessive build-up disrupts the peace of your scalp, causing itching and product build-up everywhere. Keep your routine simple, and if your hair needs more, don't forget to do a complete detox on a regular basis. to keep your scalp and strands healthy.

DO NOT Forget about your scalp

Haircare 101: Do's and don'ts for better hair care habits | Blog - Perfect Skinby Giphy

Fun fact: your scalp is an extension of your skin, so you need to give it the "skin" care it deserves. Your scalp is at the root (pun intended) of common problems like dandruff, hair breakage, excessive dirt and buildup. Be sure to relax and treat your scalp regularly with a spiky scalp massage tool, as these stimulate blood flow and hair growth, and?let's face it?feel so good. Don't forget about scalp balancing serums, masks and SPFs which are very important because your scalp is *always* exposed to the sun.

DO NOT Forget about doing a weekly scalp detox

Think of all the gross particles on your scalp, RN *swallows*. The (disgusting) truth is that gunk (even excessive accumulation of natural oils) creates a coating on your scalp, which prevents your hair products from being absorbed by your strands. In short, this is bad news, and we want it out.

Enter: clarifying shampoos. These cleansing scrubs give your scalp a thorough deep cleanse, so it feels (and looks) cleaner, fresher and healthier while allowing your hair care products to penetrate better. We forever support Hello Klean's vegan Clarifying Scalp Care25 $, which detoxifies with a potent trio of apple cider vinegar, moisturizing fermented rice water and strengthening sweet almond oil. And btw, it works for all hair types. Find out why it's earned a permanent spot in our weekly #SelfCare routines here.

Speaking of scalp, Here's how keep your scalp healthy all year round.

Disclaimer: Every product we review has been independently selected and tested without bias by our editorial team. Although some brands allow affiliate links, we never take payment for reviewing products, so we may earn a commission if you purchase a product by clicking on one of our links.

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