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Flora Coquerel, mystery operation: you'll never believe what happened to the former Miss France

Flora Coquerel has been crowned Miss France 2014. The young woman even managed to join the top 5 Miss Universes in 2015. Now aged 29, the young woman likes to confide in us about her daily life and share it on her social networks. Recently, she also revealed her desire to become a mother. " If Mother Nature hears me, I'd like to have twins, a girl and a boy, two at once and the king?s choice, that wouldn?t be bad", she reveals. " But not at the moment, I like other people's best...", she says. As close as ever to her community, Flora Coquerel decided to reveal the details of the surgery she underwent.

Flora Coquerel: "It's time for a check-up".

Indeed, on Wednesday September 20, the young woman spoke out. " I had a little operation today because of a badly located fibroid that was bothering meNothing serious and everything went well, she declared. She appears in a blue hospital gown with a cap over her head. Flora Coquerel's aim is prevention: " If you're waiting for a sign, this is it. It's time for a check-up, she says. " Age is no guarantee of invincibility, let's cherish our health and take precautions. Take care of yourself" .

Flora Coquerel is part of the We Are Influence agency, which was founded by Diego El Glaoui, Iris Mittenaere?s future husband: ?Debrief of 2021 at the agency. It?s an opportunity for us to take stock of the projects we worked on last year, and to look ahead to those to come. We turn down quite a few proposals so that we can only work on things I like, and above all so that I can always remain sincere in my approach. I?m lucky enough to work with a great team and some great brands, so thank you to them. for their confidence, but also to you for your support on each project.?" she said on Instagram.

Flora Coquerel, crowned Miss France 2014, has revealed her desire to become a mother. She has expressed her wish to have twins, a girl and a boy, but not for the time being as she especially loves other people's children. Recently, she also shared on social networks that she underwent surgery due to a misplaced fibroid. She is keen to raise awareness of the need for people to take care of their health and have regular check-ups. Flora Coquerel is part of the influencer agency We Are Influence, founded by Diego El Glaoui, future husband of Iris Mittenaere. She thanks her partner brands and her public for their support.
Flora Coquerel, opération mystère : vous ne? croirez jamais ce qui est arrivé à l'ancienne Miss France

Has France ever won Miss Universe?

She is the second Miss Universe from France ?after Christiane Martel, who ?was crowned Miss ?Universe ?1953. ?Mittenaere had ?previously been crowned ?Miss France 2016 and Miss ?Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2015. Flora Coquerel, ?former Miss France, ?was recently involved in a mysterious operation, the details of which you won't believe? This beautiful young woman,? who seduced? the public with her grace and? charm, was ?the victim of a most? bizarre incident.

The mystery operation seems to have been the? starting point for this? incredible ?story. The media and Flora's fans were surprised to learn that something unusual? had happened in her life. But what really happened?

Unfortunately, the information remains vague and subject to much speculation. It is said that Flora was the victim of a sort of ephemeral disappearance, leaving her perplexed and disconcerted. Some say she was abducted, while others claim she had a ?supernatural experience.

Be that as it may, this mysterious event has fascinated the public and raised many questions? Flora Coquerel herself has preferred to keep a low profile and not publicize this enigmatic story any further?

Despite this, Flora's ?fans remain confident and hope? that this mysterious operation has not traumatized her. Her admirers continue to support her, and? look forward to seeing her back in the ?spotlight, shining as brightly as ever.

All in all, former Miss France Flora Coquerel has had a surprising experience, the details of which ?intrigue? the public. Until we know more, we can only hope that she? is well and that she will soon return to dazzle us with? her charm and beauty.

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