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Raise your hand if you've vowed to crush your fitness goals this year... *hands up all over the office.* Well, to help you reach your fitness goals, we've compiled the ultimate list of fitness beauty essentials, from dry shampoo to freshen up your post-workout locks in the ultimate sweat-wicking towel. Honestly, these fitness goodies will make you want to work out. Intrigued? Keep scrolling...

1. GOAT Deodorant: DogPound x OffCourt Performance Body Spray18 $

5-DOGPOUND-x-OffCourt-Performance-Body-SpraySource : DOGPOUND x OffCourt

When a celebrity-loved gym (with clients like the Hadid sisters) collaborates with a body spray brand... you buy whatever they're dropping. In this case, it's an aluminum-free deo with an odor-fighting base and luxurious fragrance notes of sparkling citrus, neroli, saffron and white musk. We tried the vegan and cruelty-free deo-spray, and it's officially a #HBGymStaple.

1-Not-Yours-Mothers-Clean-Freak-Dry-ShampooSource : Not your mother's

This vegan spray contains a clear, sweat-absorbing formula that's a) sulfate- and paraben-free and b) has no white residue that damages roots. It instantly absorbs excess oil-if you use it correctly-and refreshes sweaty strands with fragrant notes that smell like laundry.

6-FACEGYM-Signature-Skin-Mini-KitSource : FACEGYM

FaceGym is all about helping you become the best version of yourself, so they have compiled a list of facial workouts (sculpting, drainage, etc.) and skin care "Personal trainer in a bottle". Four of their iconic formulas have been reduced to fit your gym bag so you never skip a day of face time (wink) and are approved for use in the morning and evening.

How to use: First, use the gel-foam Electro-Lite Cleaning Gel to cleanse your skin of perspiration, followed by the daily Hydro-Bound serum to rehydrate it, and the Youth Reformer Serum which soothes redness. Finish with their Supreme Restructuring Firming Moisturizer. Remember: just like in the regular gym, consistency is key here!

2-KITSCH-Eco-Friendly-Nylon-ElasticsSource : KITSCH

FYI: Tight ponytails can ruin your hair. But if this is your favorite workout hairstyle, try using these eco-friendly nylon elastics that keep your hair upright without slipping or creasing your strands. The $ 7-pack is available in black and brown and comes with 20 elastics, so you'll always have an extra to lend to your bestie.

4-Hydracy-Water-bottle-with-time-tagSource : Hydracy

Before you take your progress photos, keep this pretty bottle somewhere in the background. It features a removable carrying strap, a splash-proof top lid and a fruit infusion filter that can be filled with strawberries, lemons or herbs to enhance your water. But if it doesn't remind you to take your next sip, the helpful timestamps will.

6. The ecological make-up remover: Original Halo Face22 $

10-Face-Halo-OriginalSource : Face Halo

Always start your makeup without sweat if possible. It doesn't have to be complex; just add water to these award-winning HaloTech fibers to clean your face of tiny particles without the harsh scrubbing that usually accompanies single-use makeup wipes. Did we mention that you Can you reuse it 500 times? Once removed, wash it with a little soap and water and let it air dry.

8-Eono-Microfiber-TowelSource : Eono

As sweaty guys, we know how much it is important to wear a towel - like these highly absorbent microfiber towels - to absorb every drop of sweat during and after your workout. From experience, you'll appreciate how light it is and how quickly it dries. Plus, you'll love the portable travel case because it saves a lot of space in your gym bag.

7-BREADBEAUTY-SUPPLY-Hair-Mask-Creamy-Deep-ConditionerSource: BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY

Before you hit the weights, smooth your hair into a snatched bun with this restorative hair mask-yes, we're referring to the TikTok #maskbun! Wash it off after you demolish your routine and thank Kakadu plum and borage oil for making your hair shinier, stronger and softer. You clever multitasker, you!

3-Chuangdi-Zigzag-Shark-Tooth-Hair-PeigneSource : Chuangdi

She's retro-ish, but we're not complaining because she gets the job done. She has NEVER failed to keep every strand in our faces during spin (a real challenge when Beyoncé is playing) while creating that sleek hairstyle we love. Easy to slip on without snags - on all hair types - it's a real winner in our books. It doesn't hurt that we're getting a six-pack for only 10 $.

9-Burts-Bees-Cleaning-Wipes-For-FaceSource: Burt's Bees

While we don't recommend using face wipes as a makeup remover, we understand that it makes things easier when you're heading to the gym right after work and don't have access to a sink. In (only) that case, count on these wet wipes to wipe off sunscreen, makeup, dirt and grime. The travel-friendly $ 5-pack includes 30 cotton sheets soaked in nutrient-rich botanicals with a refreshing cucumber and mint scent that clean without irritation. Another big bonus? They're made from at least 60 % of recycled cotton, a waste product from T-shirt manufacturing, so it's an eco-friendly option.

What are your gym essentials? Let us know in the comments below.

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