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More information about eyelash extensions - lash to lash application

The world of beauty is constantly evolving. In addition to the products used to pamper oneself, and the various appliances and devices used to care for the body and face, there are also accessories to help you look and feel beautiful. These include eyelash extensions, which require a lash-to-lash technique. Zoom in on this solution for a doe-eyed look.

What is a lash-to-lash application?

Eyelash-to-eyelash is an eyelash extension that differs from the Russian volume extension in the number of lashes to be applied. Unlike the latter, the technique involves isolating a natural lash and gluing a single strand of artificial lash to it. The aim is to accentuate the eyes by giving the wearer fuller, longer and more curvaceous lashes. However, the advantage of eyelash-to-eyelash is that the effect is very close to natural.

Who can benefit from eyelash extensions?

Whether it's a Russian volume eyelash extension or a lash to lashThere are no particular restrictions. Anyone can do it. However, the choice often depends on the tastes and desires of each customer.

Some women like extravagance, others prefer discretion. The former opt for Russian volume, while the latter prefer lash to lash.

Nevertheless, it's always a good idea to check with your eyelash technician which models are best suited to your eyes and face in general. Likewise, a short interview before the application also helps to determine the right style for the skin tone, as well as the products to use, depending on any potential health concerns (allergies).

When it comes to installation, you should always entrust the job to a professional at a beauty salon or institute. This operation requires special skills and mastery of the appropriate techniques. It also requires a sense of analysis to determine what is best for the customer.

Other information you need to know

Eyelash extensions with Russian volume or eyelash to eyelash can be applied in 45 to 90 minutes. The technician uses special tweezers to isolate the natural lashes and to pick up the artificial lashes. She also uses a special eyelash glue and patches to protect the eyes. The application is painless. Results are immediate. This means that the client can immediately enjoy fuller, longer lashes at the end of the operation.

As for price, it all depends on the institute and the type of extension chosen. Prices generally range from 60 to 150 euros.

Eyelash extensions can last from 4 to 8 weeks. After a few weeks, the client can return to the salon for a touch-up to tidy up her lashes and fill in any extensions that have fallen out early.

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