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Emma Watson uses this sensational trick to transform an ordinary hairstyle into a breathtaking one!

IrresistibleEmma Watson created quite a stir with her beauty routine baby doll during the parade Prada spring-summer 2024 in Milan. We steal her hair tip for upgrader our hairstyles.

This Thursday, September 21, 2023, the parade Prada spring-summer 2024 took place in Milan. For the occasion, celebrities from all over the world gathered in the Italian city to don their finest outfits and flaunt their ravishing beauty routines. Among them, Emma Watson caused a sensation in a total black look. In addition to her sharp look, the star opted for a hairstyle girly and retro that caught everyone's eye.

Emma Watson's retro hair accessory

To attend the Prada fashion show, Emma Watson chose to match her hairstyle to her outfit by wearing an accessory. chic and elegant which makes her look good while fixing her hair at the back of her head. Indeed, the 33-year-old actress lifted her lengths in a half ponytail and topped it all off with a black satin ribbon. The result is a magnificent domed effect! Stamped with glamour and vintageThe knot in the hair adds a twist to this classic hairstyle. The rest of her hair is slightly wavy. Thick eyeliner, a flawless complexion and side-swept bangs complete the baby doll look showcased by Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga.

How to reproduce this hairstyle?

Braids, low ponytail, chignon? The ribbon in the hair can be adopted in many different ways. To punctuate your half ponytail with a bow like Emma Watson, you need to follow certain steps. On loose hair, start by parting the hair in two, starting just above the ears. Then, simply secure the top part with an invisible elastic band and slightly lift the roots to create the domed effect. Finally, all that's left to do is hide the elastic with a satin ribbon, which you tie around it in a pretty knot. Depending on taste, the lengths can be smoothed or curled. And that's all there is to it!

1. Why does Emma Watson use a retro accessory to enhance a simple hairstyle?
2. What retro accessory does Emma Watson use to enhance her hairstyle?
3. What other ways does Emma Watson use to enhance her simple hairstyles?

Emma Watson caused a sensation at the Prada fashion show in Milan with a retro, girly hairstyle. She pulled her hair up into a half ponytail and secured it with a black satin ribbon, giving a gorgeous bombshell effect. To reproduce this hairstyle, part the hair in half and secure the top part with an invisible elastic, then lightly loosen the roots. Finally, hide the elastic with a satin ribbon, making a pretty bow.

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