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Discover the incredible 14 hair trends for a dazzling Autumn-Winter 2023/2024... You won't believe your eyes!

Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to breathe new life into your hair look. Whether you're looking for inspiration for a radical change or simply want to refresh your current cut, here are the **14 hair trends** for a dazzling Autumn-Winter 2023/2024.

Contour cutting adds structure to haircuts, while preserving a natural look. The idea is to sculpt hair in delicate layers, to flatter facial features. It's an ideal option for those seeking a hairstyle with a touch of elegance, while retaining a casual touch.

The **ballerina bun** makes a welcome return to the Fall-Winter 2023/2024 hair trends. Here, hair is pulled back into a high ponytail and rolled into a ball at the back of the head. The ballerina bun offers a glamorous look that never goes out of style.

The voluminous afro is a celebration of natural hair texture. It encourages people to embrace their hair texture, whatever it may be. The voluminous Afro cut embodies the diversity and beauty of all hair textures.

Forget rebellious locks! The **workwear carré** is distinguished by its length, which generally reaches the shoulders, with clean lines and well-defined contours. In short, it's a neat bob, neither too short nor too long, often worn with a parting in the middle. This hair trend is perfectly suited to a variety of hair types.

Autumn-inspired hair tones are an obviously perfect choice for this season. Shades of red, copper and chocolate brown** are particularly popular this autumn-winter 2023/2024. Auburn shades are also a pretty option. Whether you opt for a subtle balayage or decide to venture into "bolder" shades, autumn offers a warm color palette to explore.

The ** "butterfly layer "** on long hair is a butterfly cut that is a perfect marriage between the fluidity of long hair and the subtle structure of layers (waterfall effect). It's a voluptuous layered cut that tapers at the top, usually accompanied by a curtained fringe. In other words, light layers that frame the face and give the impression of airy hair in constant motion.

The **long mattes/braids XXL** are one of the most striking hair trends of autumn-winter 2023/2024. They can be worn in many different ways and will keep your hair secure and protected during the colder months.

The **coupe mixie** breaks with convention by offering an intriguing fusion of "masculine and feminine" styles. It's characterized by a shortened length at the sides, while the back is left longer. In short, a nice mix between the mullet and the pixie cut. If you're looking for a modern hairstyle, the pixie cut is for you. What's more, it requires little or no attention.

XXL blow-drying** creates maximum volume in the hair, reminiscent of the glamorous looks of the 1960s. With the help of a round brush, hair is blown dry strand by strand, curling outwards to create subtle movement. The end result is a voluminous mane that adds a touch of glamour to any autumn or winter outfit.

Whether you have naturally curly hair or opt for artificial curls, **the curly bob** is a seductive option for all hair types. It lends itself to many variations, from soft, romantic curls to tighter curls.

Original colors** are set to dominate the fall-winter 2023/2024 hair trends. Hair is no longer content to be blonde, brown or red! It's becoming a veritable canvas for creative expression. Bold shades such as deep blue, emerald green and violet are gaining in popularity. Even subtle shades like pastel pink can add a touch of fantasy to any look.

Among the most fashionable retro styles are the perfectly smooth, slightly tapered '60s bob cuts. Thick bangs, whether straight 70s-style or side-swept 50s-style, are also very popular. These cuts add a touch of nostalgia while remaining incredibly elegant!

The 1990's "oval layer" cut is characterized by graded lengths at the front and inwardly styled ends, creating a flattering oval shape. Whether you have long or medium-length hair, the **"oval layer "** cut can be adapted to a variety of hair textures.

Finally, among the hair trends for a dazzling Autumn-Winter 2023/2024, **the shaved head** stands out. This cut is the ultimate embodiment of self-confidence. It liberates the face, highlighting the shape of the skull and facial features. It offers a striking look that can be customized with bold color schemes for even greater expression.

Autumn-Winter 2023/2024 thus offers a variety of hair trends for every taste and style. So get ready to shine throughout this period by adopting these hair trends!

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Autumn and winter are ideal seasons for changing your hair look. Here are the 14 hair trends for Autumn-Winter 2023/2024. Contour cutting sculpts hair into delicate layers to flatter facial features. The ballerina bun is a timeless look of glamour. The voluminous afro cut celebrates hair's natural texture. The workwear bob is a neat, sleek bob suitable for all hair types. Autumnal hair tones, such as shades of red and chocolate brown, are popular. Butterfly layers give the impression of airy hair in motion. XXL braids are fashionable and protect hair in winter. The mixie cut is a fusion of masculine and feminine styles. XXL blow-drying creates maximum volume in the hair. The curly bob is suitable for all hair types. Original colors, such as deep blue and violet, are popular. Retro haircuts, such as the '60s bob and thick bangs, are back in fashion. The "oval layer" cut creates a flattering oval shape. The shaved head highlights the face and can be customized with bold colors. Autumn-Winter 2023/2024 offers a variety of hair trends to suit all tastes.

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