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Seasonal dermatological ritual: how to synchronize it with different weather conditions?

Think of wearing a wool coat on a hot summer's day, or flip-flops in a snowstorm. It just wouldn't do, would it? In the same way, your skin care ritual needs to adapt to different weather conditions.

Your dermatological care require a flexible, responsive approach to conditions. We explain everything.

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Rituel dermatologique saisonnier : comment le synchroniser avec diversesconditions météorologiques ? 19

Adapting to the seasons

The need to fine-tune our dermatological care ritual is rooted in a fundamental understanding of our largest organ? our epidermis. Seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity have a significant effect on its condition. For example, a hot, humid climate stimulates sebum production, potentially leading to acne flare-ups, while a cold, dry climate leaves the epidermis vulnerable to dehydration and desquamation. These phenomena, known as seasonal dermatoses, underline the crucial importance of modifying our skin care routine according to the climate. 

If you are experiencing difficulties to determine which care products to choose for different weather conditions, you can find on the Nuxe France website a wide variety of products, allowing you to adapt your routine to the seasons. One example is their "Pink Lips" range of moisturizing balms, which guarantee precious comfort in dry, cold weather. 

After the sun, long live Autumn Care!

As the leaves turn from green to yellow and temperatures drop, it's time to change your summer routine. Replace the light moisturizing balm you've been using all summer with a more nourishing formula that will compensate for reduced humidity and combat dryness. What's more, wind and cold can make your epidermis more reactive? adding a soothing serum to your ritual can help alleviate any redness or inflammation.

Winter calls for creamy skin care

Winter brings chapped lips and a dull complexion. Visit moisturizing balms thick and creamy are your heroic shield against strong winds and bitter cold. The uncomfortable dryness caused by a reduction in natural sebum production, due to indoor heating, can be combated with a weekly moisturizing mask, which will help your epidermis retain its natural moisture and combat winter.

The lightness of hydration: springtime

When the flowers start to bloom, you need to change your tempo, as toners and more airy ointments resurface. Exfoliation becomes crucial, as it eliminates the dead cells that have accumulated over the winter and gives regenerated skin the freedom to breathe and effectively assimilate moisturizing products.

Under the summer sun

Summer reminds us of moisturizing creams light, non-oily and recently forgotten. Sunscreen becomes an indispensable part of your ritual to protect against the sun's fervor. Incorporate a serum antioxidant to counter the harmful effects of environmental stress factors such as pollution and UV rays.

Remember, seasonal skin care isn't just a fad. It requires special attention to your own body and precise observation of its reactions to temperature. Two or three subtle adjustments can make a remarkable difference to your skin's long-term health. So the next time you stock up on skincare products, think seasonal first!

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