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Cute hairstyles that match the whole "New Year, New You" memo | Blog

by Giphy

There's no better time to trade in the old for the new with 2023 ahead of us. Yes, that includes the hairstyle you've been counting on since, well, forever? DW, we're in the same boat! So, for anyone (read: us) desperately trying to change things up this year, here are some obscene caaa-ute hairstyles that will be Stun the party, the boardroom, the subway? We've even added some tutorials, so keep your hot tools close by and your hair elastics even closer.

1. Y2K box braids

2. The torn bun

3. Barbie's update

4. All the glamorous curls

5. Beaded braids

7. Protective turban style

8. A MAGNIFICENT braided bun

9. Everything bows

@natvendrell Beautiful girls do the olaplex bun #olaplex #bellahadid ? its original ? Personal blog

11. Full of energy

Psst, these TikTok hacks are guaranteed to make your hair fuller.

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