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Notice La Mer

La Mer is a luxury skin care brand founded in 1965 by Dr. Max Huber. La Mer's products are inspired by the ocean and contain natural ingredients such as seaweed, sea salt and sea minerals. The brand is best known for its Crème de la Mer serum, which was developed by Dr. Huber after he suffered chemical burns in a laboratory experiment. It took him 12 years to develop the Crème de la Mer formula, which is now considered one of the most famous skin care products in the world.

La Mer offers a full line of facial products including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums and eye creams. They also have a body care and makeup line. La Mer's products are sold in luxury department stores, spa salons and brand boutiques around the world.

La Mer is distinguished by its commitment to environmental preservation. The brand supports marine conservation projects and invests in research on natural ingredients for its products. La Mer also works with charitable organizations to support communities affected by environmental challenges.

En résumé, La Mer est une marque de soins de la peau haut de gamme qui se distingue par ses ingrédients naturels inspirés par l’océan et son engagement en faveur de l’environnement. Sa crème de la Mer est un de ses produits phare, qui est devenu célèbre dans le monde entier. La marque propose une large gamme de produits pour le visage et le corps, ainsi que de maquillage. Elle est disponible dans les grands magasins de luxe, les salons de spa et les boutiques de la marque.

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