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Attention: Les Thermes d'Evaux-les-Bains closed due to water! You'll never guess how annoying it is for us!

"For us, high season is September and October. This closure comes at the worst possible time," regrets the director of Evaux-les-Bains thermal bathsEugénie Ogar.

Following samples taken on September 14, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) decided to suspend treatment activities at the Evaux-les-Bains spa. Analyses revealed the presence of legionella which can cause respiratory infections (legionellosis), in three of the spa's four water networks. These are the ones that supply a large proportion of the treatments given to spa guests. "The fourth, healthy network supplies the swimming pool and the water course, so we couldn't limit our activity to these sectors alone", explains the director, before going on to explain the level of pollution:

"We have 10 legionella colonieswhich is very low. The accepted standard for hot sanitary water, the shower you take in the morning, is a thousand colonies. But there's zero tolerance when it comes to thermal water.

Eugénie Ogar (Director, Thermes d'Evaux-les-Bains)

It was therefore in application of the precautionary principle that the ARS "in close consultation with the establishment's management" decided to suspend immediately.

Attention les Thermes dEvaux les Bains closed because of the waterPhoto archives.

This is a very rare event at the Thermes d'Evaux: "We can't remember the establishment ever being closed for this reason", notes the manager of the only spa in the Limousin region, who took up her post recently.

Thermal baths acclaimed by their curists

What could be the source of this pollution? "The hot thermal water is cooled before passing through the four networks that supply the spa, so it may be in this circuit that the bacteria have developed," says Eugénie Ogar.

This temporary suspension is subject to the results of two series of bacteriological analyses to be carried out and certified by the ARS over the next three weeks. At the very least. Next week's analyses will assess the situation. "We hope to be able to welcome the last cohort of curists due to arrive on October 16, right up to the November 4 closure, which marks the end of the season. Otherwise, we won't be able to reopen", says the manager.

No possibility of extending the season beyond November 4? "No, the calendar has been drawn up with the CPAM and we can't just move it around.

Hotel, restaurant and spa still going strong

In the meantime, the management of the establishment "is proceeding, as of now, to the rapid and functional implementation of all the necessary administrative formalities linked to this interruption of stays in order to accompany as serenely as possible the 340 curists currently undergoing treatment and those expected next week".1695499117 416 Attention les Thermes dEvaux les Bains closed due to floodingRenovation site, Thermes Evaux-les-bains, Jean Monteiro.

Will there be any health monitoring of spa guests? "They have all been informed of the situation, and we will ask them to consult their GP if they develop symptoms.

Symptoms of legionellosis include fever, loss of appetite, headaches, malaise and lethargy. Some patients may also experience muscle pain, diarrhea and confusion.

All measures concerning seasonal staff have also been taken without delay, with a modulation of working hours. Should the closure be prolonged, short-time working measures may be taken.

"The entire staff, supported by the Board of Directors, is working hard to provide its patients with the most appropriate service and to deal responsibly with this particular situation," reassures management.

As for the loss of earnings for the establishment, it is too early to assess this. Management can then call on insurance companies.

Completion of major works around the Thermes in Evaux-les-Bains

Please note that all activities at the hotel, the restaurant "Le 59 degrés" and the spa are continuing as normal, as they are not affected by this measure.

1. Have the water analyses at Les Thermes d'Evaux-les-Bains revealed any quality problems? 2. Why are the Thermes d'Evaux-les-Bains closed following these water analyses? 3. What consequences does this closure have for customers of the Thermes d'Evaux-les-Bains?Treatment activities at the Evaux-les-Bains spa have been suspended following the discovery of Legionella bacteria in three of the spa's four water systems. The center's director explained that the fourth network had been spared. In application of the precautionary principle, the Regional Health Agency has decided to suspend operations immediately. Bacteriological analyses will be carried out in the coming weeks to assess the situation and decide whether or not to reopen the center. In the meantime, the hotel, restaurant and spa continue to operate normally. Spa guests have been informed of the situation, and are asked to consult their GP if they develop symptoms of legionellosis. Seasonal staff have also been taken into account, with a modulation of working hours, and short-time working measures may be taken if the closure is extended. Management assures us that it will do everything in its power to provide the best possible support for curists, and that the loss of revenue for the establishment will be assessed at a later date.
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