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Warning! Find out why these false eyelash products are a threat to your health, according to 60 millions de consommateurs!

False eyelashes - these products are very dangerous to your health, according to 60 millions de consommateurs!

60 millions de consommateurs is sounding the alarm on false eyelashes! Be careful with the products you buy.

The false eyelashes are a big hit! But it's important to choose them carefully so they don't become a health hazard. Here are the recommendations of 60 millions de consommateurs.

False eyelashes: who can wear them?

False eyelashes are becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, these extensions can now be used by anyone. And not just beauty professionals.

False eyelashes allow consumers to give yourself a beautiful look in no time. " In 2010, my customers told me that they were accosted in the street to ask them the brand of their mascara, because few people knew about eyelash extensions". explains Malgorzata Dolinska, co-founder of Lash Master, an institute, training center and supplier to 60 millions de consommateurs.

Today, for just a few euros, you can treat yourself to false eyelashes for a sublime look. Consumers can buy them online or with well-known cosmetics brands. And you don't have to be a professional to install them - all it takes is a little patience.

However, it's important to adopt the right gestures. "Be careful, though, to ensure that the doe?s eye does not turn into an albino rabbit?s eyered and watery warns 60 millions de consommateurs.

In fact, the association is concerned about the glue that is necessary for the application of false lashes. And this can be hazardous to your eyes.

" The skin of the eyelids is extremely fine and sensitive to the toxic substances applied to it" explains Professor Alexandre Denoyer. For his part, Dr Eric Thomas points out that glue can contain highly allergenic products. These include " geraniol, limonene or coumarin".

Health risks

Faced with the success of false eyelashes, 60 millions de consommateurs is sounding the alarm. The association warns of the risks involved because of the glue used to apply the lashes.

People with allergies should never wear false eyelashes! On the other hand, this accessory can also cause dry eyes. " Glues can clog them and lead to degradation. the quality of the tear film, which results in dry eyes". explains Pr Denoyer to 60 millions de consommateurs.

The risk of infection from false eyelashes is therefore very real. 60 millions de consommateurs recommends removing false eyelashes as soon as irritation is felt, an itching or burning sensation.

"The false eyelashes must be removed immediately. clean up glue residues thoroughly" adds Dr. Thomas. So at the first sign of discomfort, it's time to get rid of this beauty accessory. And it can take several days for the symptoms to disappear!

On the other hand, using false eyelashes requires impeccable hygiene. " If they are dirty, they will block the meibomian glands and bring bacteria into them. explains Pr Denoyer to 60 millions de consommateurs.

"This will cause large pimples on the free edges of the eyelid (called chalazions or styes) which can lead to infection, or an eyelid abscess. " he continues.

You also need to be very careful if you wear contact lenses! These will tend to return all make-up bacteria and microelements. " When you combine lenses, eyeliner and false eyelashes, for example, the risk of eye infection and corneal abscesses is high. adds Pr Denoyer. If you're not careful, you could lose your eyelashes!

1. Are false eyelashes really dangerous to your health? 2. What are the risks associated with using false eyelashes? 3. Are there safer alternatives to false eyelashes for longer, thicker lashes?The 60 millions de consommateurs association warns against the dangers of false eyelashes. The glue used to apply them can be harmful to the eyes. The skin of the eyelids is thin and sensitive to the toxic products contained in the glue. People with allergies should therefore avoid false eyelashes. In addition, the use of false eyelashes can lead to dry eyes and infections. We recommend removing them as soon as irritation, itching or burning occurs. False eyelashes must also be treated with impeccable hygiene to avoid infection. Finally, care should be taken when wearing contact lenses, as the risk of infection is high. It's important to be aware of these health risks before opting for false eyelashes.
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