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Are you ready? Pinterest predicts the biggest beauty trends of 2023... | Blog

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The term vision board is synonymous with Pinterest... it's the ultimate online creative space where you plan for the future, which also makes it the GOAT source for trend predictions. Each year, Pinterest publishes a trend forecasting report which is full of insider information on everything from home, beauty and wellness trends that are about to explode. According to Pinterest, their predictions for the past three years have been correct at 80 %, which is really impressive.

According to, we're here to make sure you stay ahead of the trends, so we've rounded up our favorite predictions and given you our take. Without further ado, here's a look at what Pinterest thinks 2023 will look like?

Pinterest Predictions: Micro Makeover

Pinterest Tea: "From micro-manis to mini-bobs, this year's beauty looks will be a step above the rest. Gen Y and Gen Z are trading in their long coffin nails for mini French manicures. They'll opt for short braids and choppy bangs instead of long, luscious locks. In 2023, petite beauty gets its big break.

The HB hot plug: In short: keep it short. TBH, we're not mad at this trend because while we love long nails and bangs, they're high maintenance and make simple tasks a little difficult. Plus, ever since we watched Emily in Paris, we've coveted a chic French bob and short bangs.

Pinterest Predictions: All raves

Pinterest Tea:" The rave culture will reign in the coming year. So that Generation Z and Generation Y are getting over of two years of containment, they will take over nightclubs, warehouses and home parties around the world.

The HB hot plug: Party in 2023 covered in glitter, neon lining and rhinestones? Count us in. When it comes to rave culture beauty looks, there really are no rules; live your life and if you want to wear neon eyeliner and a fuchsia lip, be our guest. But, if you want to bring the rave energy into your everyday life, pick one key feature and keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Oh, and DUH, check out Euphoria for the inspo.

Pinterest Predictions: Romcom core

Pinterest Tea: "Move over, barbiecore...there's a new main character in fashion. In 2023, Generation Z and Generation Y will be romanticizing their closets with strapless dresses, tube tops, cargo pants and claw clips. Get ready for a new kind of cute dating, inspired by your favorite romantic comedies of the 2000s."

The HB hot plug: We realize this is more of a fashion trend, but fashion without beauty is like bread without butter... nowhere near as delicious. Look to 2000 romantic comedy icons like Gabrielle Union, Cameron Diaz and J.Lo for inspiration. Makeup is actually aligned with many of the TikTok trends you know and love? glazed eyelids, tons of blush and nude lip gloss. When it comes to hair, think curtained bangs, pretty bobs and natural texture.

Pinterest Predictions: Gemini hair

Pinterest Tea:" In 2023, the two-tone braids will take off more than ever. Generation Z and Generation Y are behind this growing hair color trend that mixes natural hues with bright blues, purples and pinks... "blue and black braids" and "lavender and blonde hair" are on the rise. Two are always better than one, just ask the Geminis in your life.

The HB hot plug: A two-tone hair look is super cute, but it's high maintenance, so all we're saying is read our hair color guide before you commit. Oh, and follow Bleach London for endless hair color inspiration and advice.

Pinterest Predictions: Crown care

Pinterest Tea: "If you want to get a head start on hair care in 2023, go back to your roots. "Skinification," or focusing on the scalp and crown of your head, will be a priority this year. Research from Gen X and baby boomers shows an increase in care for the scalp, such as "scalp treatment" and "clean scalp". This is your chance at a root renewal. Now, who wants a scalp massage?"

The HB hot plug: The skin care has reigned supreme for the past two years, but it's time for hair care to take over. In 2023, treat yourself to a monthly HAIRcial, invest in this shower filter for the health of your hair and take scalp care seriously. Trust us, at the end of the year, your crown will thank you.

Pinterest Predictions: Possibility of showers

Pinterest Tea: "No bath? No problem. 2023 will be all about the elevated shower routine. Gen Xers and baby boomers will turn rinsing into a ritual in the coming year, looking for shower bombs and home spa bathrooms.

The HB hot plug: Many people think of baths as a wellness wash, but showers actually have many other health benefits (besides the obvious). For example, studies show that they can help ease anxiety, so this year, upgrade your shower routine because there are so many new shower products to try. But first, make sure you're not making these shower mistakes.

Pinterest Predictions: Vitamin Algae

Pinterest Tea: "By 2023, the most popular superfoods will be derived from the sea. A long-standing staple in Asian cultures, ocean foods and minerals are gaining popularity among Generation Y and Generation X around the world due to their health benefits essential. Everything from green seaweed to nori to seaweed snacks are on the rise."

The HB hot plug: The beauty industry has been highlighting algae for the past year, but expect it to dominate in 2023. Why is that? It's super hydrating, will help strengthen your skin, and is packed with antioxidants and minerals. Our go-to RN seaweed product is OSEA Hyaluronic Marine Serum, 88 $, it keeps our skin plump, bouncy and soft all year round. As for your hair, it's a fast track ticket to shinier, healthier locks, so get on the algae hype stat.

Pinterest Predictions: Treatment in progress

Pinterest Tea: "More ways to feel your feelings in 2023. Alternatives to talk therapy are on the rise ? such as expressive art and music therapy ? as well as art journaling, which has increased 37-fold. Generation Z and Generation Y are driving this trend, looking for new, creative ways to work on themselves."

The HB hot plug: One of our New Year's resolutions is to update our care routine and it seems we are not alone. Even if you don't consider yourself a creative person, try to unleash your creativity to for the sake of your sanity. Even if you do absolutely nothing with the art you create, it's the process that's important... we bet you'll feel better afterwards, and that's all that matters. So get out your paints and let your mind wander. Failing that, why not organize a feel-good playlist, insert your AirPods and do nothing?

What trend will you experience in 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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