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These habits will prepare you for a balanced 2023

Now that the festive SZN celebrations are finally settling in, let's take a moment to look at 2023 for what it is... an opportunity to start afresh. As always, we're here to help you improve your self-care habits for the next 363 days. Whether you want to turn the page or take things one day at a time, here are some simple? but achievable? ways to make this the best week, year and month yet.

1. Practice gratitude and Event

Ces habitudes vous prépareront à une année 2023 équilibrée - Perfect Skinby Giphy

Recognizing fluffy clouds and chirping birds may seem strange at first, but studies show that being grateful for the little things can help you eat healthier, sleep betterand keep your heart in check. It's a good thing there are many things to be thankful for, isn't it? Whether it's a cup of coffee in the morning, a good night's sleep or your train arriving on time.

Our favorite way to practice gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal, like studies show that simply writing down the things you are grateful for each day can dramatically improve your mental health. We also like to use our journal for manifestation, practice visualizing and making your dreams come true.

Doing: Practice positive affirmations every morning while you take a break. your morning tea and end the day by writing down five things to for which you are grateful.

2. Try Sense Hacking

Summary our body informs our brain about our environment through the five senses - touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste - which our brain then interprets further. in detail. In short, they change the way we feel and think about things. Search confirms that the use of perfumes, candles and soothing music stimulates your senses to feel happier. It due to the the vibrations ? in your home, office, garden, anywhere ? are immaculate, so you enjoy the "now". So, if you've had a hard day, put your senses to work and create the ultimate self-care vibe in your home. It works, trust us.

Doing: Light that candle you've been saving for a "special occasion" tonight... you can always buy another candle, but you can't buy another day, can you?

3. Organize something to look forward to

Ces habitudes vous prépareront à une année 2023 équilibrée - Perfect Skinby Giphy

Why use your calendar only for birthdays and appointments? This year, mark a few dates in the diary for a road trip, a go-kart race or even a quick Zoom catch-up with your loved ones. Studies confirm that spending quality time with your nearest and dearest - even if it's just eating together - can help you feel better. improve your mental health while helping you better manage stress and lower your blood pressure. But if you can't get everyone's schedules to line up, go alone, preferably outside, because studies show that spending time alone in nature helps to improve concentration.

Doing: Schedule time with your best friends, whether it's running errands like grocery shopping or a quick catch-up call. Ride alone? Set your alarm and head out for a sunrise ride with a cup of matcha latte.

4. Become a plant parent

Listen to us: becoming a plant parent can bring you more joy than you think. First and foremost, inviting Mother Nature into your space will help calm your mind. Yep, research proves that it has a calming effect, whether at home or in the office. Second, studies confirm that the responsibility of watering your green friends keeps your mind and body in a daily routine, which can be helpful if you are feeling low. Researchers have even found that becoming a plant parent can help Increased productivity thanks to the support of healthier air.

Doing: Take care of a new green friend, then let him take care of you.

5. Do a digital detox

Here's the thing: it's very hard to leave your phone behind for hours on end - believe us, we know - but... science shows that disconnecting from technology can seriously improve your mental health. If the idea seems impossible, indulge in soul-satisfying rituals like star gazing and daydreaming which are also research approved stress relievers and creativity boosters. We promise you'll enjoy where this creative dream takes you... maybe art, maybe a badass business idea!

Doing: Try to take a day or afternoon off of social media each week and use that time to reconnect with yourself. Also try to stay away from the TV and take time to turn off completely instead. Take a relaxing bath, journal or go for a long walk.

6. Spring cleaning your sacred space

Ces habitudes vous prépareront à une année 2023 équilibrée - Perfect Skinby Giphy

It is logical that a go out with the old one and with-the-new the state of mind comes with good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Throwing out clutter may seem like a chore, but studies confirm that a decluttered life equals a decluttered brain. Translation: more brain space to focus on what is really IMPORTANT. Take the time to clean out the clutter, remove anything that expired in 2022 and restock the empties that served you well last year. Organizing your beauty essentials (or clothes, kitchen and bath) can help you streamline your daily routine, saving you time, money and energy.

Doing: Play Marie Kondo wellness music in every room of your home? Here's how.

7. Practice mindful eating and meal preparation

For a healthier lifestyle this year, try preparing your meals ahead of time so you always have access to something nutritious. Stock your kitchen with healthy snacks?we love them protein balls and chocolate covered banana balls ? so you never have to worry about cooking or ordering after a long day's work.

Another must this year? Practice mindful eating. It's safe to assume that our phones and even Netflix are regular guests at meal times, but did you know that this is keeping you from enjoying your meals? Think about it: when was the last time you savored every bite? If you shrugged your did's time to cultivate a healthier relationship with your meals by keeping your phone and remote away (far away) and listening to your body as you chew.

Doing: Set aside a few hours - or however much time you have - to plan and prepare your meals. Keep a note or mark your favorite recipes so you always have options nearby.

8. Create a personalized skin care routine for self-love

Ces habitudes vous prépareront à une année 2023 équilibrée - Perfect Skin

The The new year is the perfect time to create a skin care routine designed especially for you. Remember what's worked (or not worked) in the past, examine your skin closely or even visit a dermatologist for a skin examination if you can. Gather the facts and put together a routine ? including serum and SPF ? and make a conscious effort to stick to it, morning and night (don't forget your neck and chest too)! You can even combine your routine with your daily affirmations, manifest or maybe even light a candle to decompress after a long day.

Doing: Re-evaluate your skin care and do your best to stick to it? you have included!

Speaking of skincare resolutions, here are ten of them that will do the most for your skin.

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